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Niños del limbo

Play Information

Original Title Niños del limbo
English Title Infants of Limbo
Director Andrea Garrote
Year 2009
Lenght 95 min


  • Amanda Busnelli, Andrea Garrote, Guillermo Jacubowicz, Alejandro Pérez, Javier Rodríguez, Mariano Sayavedra, Alejandro Zingman


  • AUTOR DE LA OBRA: Andrea Garrote
  • COMPAÑÍA: Perfecta Anarquía
  • DIRECTOR DE LA OBRA: Andrea Garrote
  • MÚSICA ORIGINAL: Federico Marquestó
  • DISEÑO DE ILUMINACIÓN: Santiago Badillo y Pedro Piana
  • DISEÑO DE ESCENOGRAFÍA Santiago Badillo y Pedro Piana
  • DISEÑO DE VESTUARIO: Romina Cariola
  • ASISTENCIA DE DIRECCIÓN: Lucila Pérez Lascano y Magdalena Martínez
  • PRENSA Y DIFUSIÓN: Julia Laurent
  • COLLAGE Y DISEÑO: Mariano Lucano


Martina teaches creative writing workshops at a Caballito District apartment; a printer, a senior lady and her autistic son are the attendees. The literary universe appears unconnected to the external world until three new members join in; from there on imagination and reality soon get connected. Under the literature teacher’s blind eyes, that tiny middle class living room is where a failed involving a television diva and her starring columnist gets concocted. While Martina recommends books to stimulate her students’ creativity, instead of readers, they become protagonists of the stories told by the great police literature writers. Infants of Limbo (Niños del limbo) is a “doors” comedy which besides its apparent frivolity aims at reflecting on certain social groups’ blindness, conformism and isolation whereas it questions the fictitious reality some sectors live in as well as denouncing the limbo comfort that Argentine middle class has historically placed itself in.

Photo: Nicolas Levin


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