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Une flute enchantée

Play Information

Original Title Une flute enchantée
English Title A Magic Flute
Director Peter Brook
Year 2010
Lenght 95 min


  • Piano: Franck Krawczyk. Cantantes: Adrian Strooper (Tamino), Leïla Benhamza (Reine de la Nuit), Malia Bendi-Merad (Reine de la Nuit), Aylin Sezer (Pamina), Vincent Pavesi (Sarastro), Romain Pascal (Monostatos), Betsabée Haas (Papagena), Dima Bawab (Papagena), Thomas Dolié (Papageno), Roger Padullés (Tamino), Julia Bullock (Pamina), Virgile Frannais (Papageno), Patrick Bolleire (Sarastro), Jean-Christophe Born (Monostatos). Actores: William Nadylam y Abdou Ouologuem


  • AUTOR DE LA OBRA: Versión libre de la ópera La flauta mágica de Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, adaptada por Peter Brook, Franck Krawczyk y Marie-Hélène Estienne
  • COMPAÑÍA: Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord / C.I.C.T
  • DIRECTOR DE LA OBRA: Peter Brook
  • MUSIC: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, adaptado por Franck Krawczyk
  • DISEÑO DE ILUMINACIÓN: Philippe Vialatte
  • DIRECTOR DE ESCENA: Arthur Franc
  • DIRECCIÓN MUSICAL: Franck Krawczyk
  • DISEÑO DE VESTUARIO: Hélène Patarot, con la colaboración de Oria Puppo
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Marko Rankov y Agnès Courtay
  • COPRODUCCIÓN: Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord / C.I.C.T (París), Festival d’Automne à Paris, Attiki Cultural Society (Atenas), Musikfest (Bremen), Théâtre de Caen, MC2 (Grenoble), Barbican (Londres), Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d’Europa, Lincoln Center Festival (Nueva York)


Brook and his company, the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord / C.I.C.T., bring to FIBA a version of The Magic Flute by Mozart created by Brook with composer Franck Krawczyk and collaborator Marie-Hélène Estienne. Brook makes clear that this is not The Magic Flute but A Magic Flute. Like in his previous opera versions, such as Bizet’s Carmen, Debussy’s Pelléas et Mélisande, and Mozart’s Don Giovanni, Brook dismantles the work from its generic artifice to create, with a minimal set, an intimate piece in which the audience is invited to access new textures of Mozart’s piece. Seven singers, two actors, and a pianist perform this condensed version, in a style that critics have interpreted as a reduction that actually amplifies the meaning of Mozart’s opera. Drawing on his particular style, which includes techniques from Asian and African theater traditions, Brook builds a magic staging in which ritual and play are organically intertwined and where the elaborated architecture of operatic performance acquires at times the fresh quality of improvisation. This show has received the Molière Award 2011 for Best Musical Theater Play. We are honored for this opportunity to see Brook’s work as an opera director, and to enjoy a new staging of The Magic Flute with the features that positioned this director as one of the most important artists of our time.

Fundación Teatro a Mil (FITAM) choose this production to be part of FIBA in Chile programme.

Photo: Victor Pascal


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