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This is the second Laboratory Workshop experience in which a selected group of adolescents and enthusiastic young people pretend to be “specialized spectators”. To achieve this, they will see national and international theater and dancing plays, they will interview artists, write reviews and notes and will participate in meetings and talks during the Buenos Aires International Festival. Gathered together in a journalistic atmosphere, the adolescents will experience an environment full of rhythm and journalist requirements, besides going to school they will have to attend the shows, prepare the previous necessary surveys for each interview, talk with specialists in different disciplines and also prepare the production of reflexive material, which will be daily uploaded to a blog and to the FIBA portal. Before the festival starts, they will attend two intensive seminars about journalistic writing tools and basic elements for the analysis of the theater and dancing.
The main purpose of this Workshop Laboratory is to feed the interest of the most encouraged students in relation with the performing arts, cultural journalism or social communication. The previous experience has shown us that this meeting, not only gets young people in touch with cultures from other parts of the world (which open up questions in relation to their being here and now), but also helps them to define their vocation and to get close to the adults world in a more polite and professional way.
This Workshop Laboratory is organized by the Programa de Formación de Espectadores, Dirección Operativa de Extensión Educativa y Recreativa, Dirección de Inclusión Educativa del Ministerio de Educación del G.C.B.A. (Training Program Spectators, Operative Management of Educational and Recreational Extension, Direction of Educational Inclusion from de Ministry of Education G.C.B.A), thanks to an invitation from Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires and it is designed for adolescents and young people from 16 to 25 years old. The book Ojos al mundo. Jóvenes críticos en el VII FIBA will be presented on September 27th at 6pm at Sala Cunill Cabanellas (Teatro General San Martín), an opportunity to discover the experience of the first workshop laboratory during the past edition of FIBA.



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