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Raúl Garello presenta Tocata para sexteto's biography

Raúl Garello presenta Tocata para sexteto

There are names whose very mention evokes the great history of tango – such as Raúl Garello’s. A bandoneonist of standing, a tenacious composer and an orchestra director for over 40 years, the Maestro started his career as an instrumentalist in Belgrano Radio’s permanent orchestra. From 1963 to ‘75, he was Aníbal Troilo’s bandoneonist and arranger. From then on, he has built a fruitful career, which includes the foundation of the Buenos Aires Tango Orchestra, his songwriting collaboration with Horacio Ferrer for the album Viva el tango and the creation of pieces such as “Margarita de agosto” and “Muñeca de marzo.” Today he performs his Tocata para sexteto with Fabián Bertero (violin), Alberto Giaimo (piano), Luis Alberto Ferreira (transverse flute), José María Lavandera (percussion) and Gabriel De Lio (electric bass).



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