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Tango Ensillado's biography

Tango Ensillado

The fact that tango has been crossing borders for over a century is nothing new. And that it provokes extreme fanaticism in faraway lands, either. Even so, the emergence of groups such as Tango Ensillado is still amazing. They are five Norwegian twenty-somethings who approach the genre as if they were born on
either side of the Río de la Plata. Andreas Rokseth (bandoneon),
Rannveig Ryeng (violin), Christian Skaar Winther (electric guitar),
Håkon Magnar Skogstad (piano) and Ole Herman Schøyen Sjölin (double bass) have traveled several times to Argentina and studied with great teachers with the aim of assembling a quintet, which performs works by Astor Piazzolla and other authors in an exemplary manner, always with an avant-garde tango perspective.


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