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Horacio Molina a la carta's biography

Horacio Molina a la carta

In his fifty-year-long singing career, Horacio Molina has dedicated thirty-five years to tango. A bolero and bossa nova singer in his beginnings, he made official his love for the genre in 1976 (year of release of his first tango LP, Por los amigos) and never abandoned it. A decision that placed on the map of tango an exquisite singer with pitch accuracy, precise phrasing and delicate voice, who shows ideal influences (Carlos Gardel, mainly) on board a personal, intimate and uncluttered style. In his performance at Usina del Arte, Molina will approach a repertoire composed of classics, in the fashion announced in the title, which may bring many surprises. He will be backed on the piano by Pablo Fraguela.



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