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Walter Ríos Quinteto's biography

Walter Ríos Quinteto

Having recently turned 70, bandoneonist and composer Walter Ríos is part of the generation that endured difficult times for tango during the 1960s and 70s. He did it by dint of his talent, cultivating a subtle instrumental style rich in overtones, rooted in classic tango as well as in the search for new expressive possibilities, and not above crossing the borders of tango to interact with other genres and rhythms. Teacher and creator of several ensembles, with his quintet he has reached a level of expression consistent with his stature as an arranger and performer. In this occasion, he will revive it with exceptional musicians: Leonardo Sánchez (guitar), Cristian Zárate (piano), Roberto Tormo (double bass) and Esteban Prentki (violin), in addition to singer Mariel Dupetit.


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