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Abel Rogantini Quinteto's biography

Abel Rogantini Quinteto

Music from these latitudes characterized by its freedom, wealth of resources and the search of someone who masters different genres. Rogantini has developed a very personal language with technical proficiency. Tango, jazz and the music from the Río de la Plata area are always present in the work of this pianist, who has developed an admirable and consistent career, considering his evolution from the first album with the ensemble Semblanza, in 1991, to Abel Rogantini Trío, released in 2007, with Juan Pablo Navarro and Darío Alejandro. In this opportunity, he will perform in a quintet setting with Pablo Motta (double bass), Bernardo Monk (saxes), Diego Alejandro (drums), Nicolás Enrich (bandoneon) and Abel Rogantini (piano, arrangements and direction).


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