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Daniel Melingo presenta Corazón y Hueso's biography

Daniel Melingo presenta Corazón y Hueso

Tangos and waltzes by Luis Alposta. Original compositions. Lullabies, cuecas, chamamés and milongas. Lunfardo poetry. Obscure atmospheres. A booming voice. Daniel Melingo’s new album Corazón y Hueso, which he will premiere at the Festival together with Ramones del Tango, continues along the singular path first traced in the 1990s, when he took a genuine approach to tango as TV host of Mala Yunta and through albums using singer Edmundo Rivero and prison-slang lyricists as a beacon. With several tours of Europe under his belt, he has become renowned there as “the Tom Waits of tango.” In addition, his concerts are authentic performances by an unparalleled artist.



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