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Claudia Levy's biography

Claudia Levy

If there is one thing that distinguishes author, composer, pianist and singer Claudia Levy, it is the original feminine perspective in her lyrics – a feature that led her to be called the “Maitena del Tango,” after the cartoonist. On her first two solo albums Mentime más and Escuchame un segundo, her musical style was reminiscent of the 1920s, but on her new record, Soltar amarras, which she will debut at the Festival, she has updated her sound, without losing the element of sarcasm. Levy has performed in numerous Argentine cities and in Chile, Uruguay, Spain, Germany and Finland. Before going solo, she was part of the duo Tangachas, first with Clori Gatti and later with Dolores Solá, and of Muñeca Brava, with Laura Casarino.



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