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Orquesta Típica ConCiertos Atorrantes's biography

Orquesta Típica ConCiertos Atorrantes

ConCiertos Atorrantes is a collective creation by Quinteto Viceversa, Trío Boero-Gallardo-Gómez, Negro Falótico,
Quasimodo Trío and Amores Tangos. Three years ago, they started coordinating concerts at Sanata Bar, making the bar a true music club with the performance of over fifty ensembles. In addition, they organize monthly concerts with TangoContempo. In this opportunity, the Orquesta Típica ConCiertos Atorrantes will perform new
and traditional pieces, with musicians from the above-mentional ensembles. Singers Negro Falótico and Osvaldo Peredo will also participate.



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