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Sesiones de Tango

With the language of tango, but with the tradition of jazz, the Thursday sessions at Sanata Bar are all about a game: improvisation. A weekly tango event in which both the musicians and the audience let themselves be carried by the feelings inspired by the music. At the Festival, Pablo Motta organizes a tango jam session featuring bassist Daniel Maza, pianist Pepe Motta and many guest musicians: Lucas Furno (violin), Lautaro Greco, Nicolás Enrich, Matías Rubino and Martín Cecconi (bandoneons), Juan Pablo Gallardo, Pablo Valle, Abel Rogantini, Franco Polimeni and Adrián Mastrocola (piano), Germán Martínez, Julián Hermida, Emiliano Greco and Esteban Falabella (guitars), Mariano Gamba (sax), Gerardo De Mónaco and Facundo Benavídez (double bass) and Negro Falótico (vocals).



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