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Cristian Zárate & Leonardo Sánchez's biography

Cristian Zárate & Leonardo Sánchez

Pianist Cristian Zárate and guitarist Leonardo Sánchez have a long career in tango; they are friends and have been sharing the stage for many years now. But in their duo – whose résumé includes a collaboration with Horacio Salgán and Ubaldo De Lio – they display a level of intimacy based on their mutual understanding and tango lineage, as if it was an old friends’ musical conversation in the half-light. In their new album, El día que nos quieran, they revisit some tango classics such as “A Don Agustín Bardi,” “Los mareados” and “Afiches.” But in addition to pieces by other composers, they perform the duo’s production, with a personal language bearing the mark of Piazzolla’s work and reminiscent of jazz music.



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