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Fleurs Noires Orquesta de Tango's biography

Fleurs Noires Orquesta de Tango

The story of Fleurs Noires is a nice one. It is about a female orchestra created while its members were students at the City University of Paris. The range of nationalities is quite wide: the ensemble includes German, French, Argentine, English and Italian performers. They are Andrea Marsili (direction and piano), Véronique Rioux Pereya, Carolina Poenitz and Eve Cupial (bandoneons), Anne Le Pape, María Andrea Pujado, Caroline Pearsall and Solenne Bort (violins), Verónica Votti (violoncello), Anne Vauchelet (double bass) and Sandra Rumolino (guest vocals). Prestigious Argentine, France-based guitarist Tomás Gubitsch wrote about the girls, “I have fallen into the charms of this typical orchestra’s approach to tango, which is nothing but typical.”


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