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Compañía Tempotango presenta 10 minutos's biography

Compañía Tempotango presenta 10 minutos

Featured as a work in progress at the Festival Cambalache 2011, this production is based on the interventions and performances that the company carried out in the city’s public spaces, blending elements of dance, theater and a good dose of absurd humor to reflect situations related to the dancers, dancing and tango.
Dancers: R. Miguel, M. Spina, A. Badolato, F. Segura, V. Novelli,
J. Aranda, N. Turelli, M. Gili, R. Calvete, J. M. Firmani,
S. Díaz, M. Almirón, N. Minolitti, G. Ballejo, M. Casali and
S. Sánchez. Guest dancers: M. Van De Voorde and S. Acosta. Costume designer: N. Bellomo. Executive producer: D. Restivo. Assistant choreographer and director: S. Fernández. Choreographer and director: I. González Cano.


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