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Mario Morales presenta Troileana's biography

Mario Morales  presenta Troileana

An outstanding choreographer, coach and teacher, Mario Morales will preview a fragment of Troileana, a work inspired by the music of notable bandoneonist Aníbal Troilo, which attempts at translating the genius of Pichuco and his orchestra into dancing images. The show will feature seven dancers who, in previous years, were crowned world champions in the Stage Tango category, some of whom are dancing with new partners. Dancers: Chizuko Kuwamoto (World Champion 2010) and Exequiel Urdima; Betsabet Flores and Jonathan Spitel (World Champions 2009) José Fernández (World Champion 2008) and Martina Waldman. Fernando Gracia (World Champion 2007) and Sol Cerquides. Iván Romero (World Champion 2004) and Silvana Núñez. Musical director: Fernando Marzán.


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