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Gala de Campeones

In the framework of the tenth Dance World Cup, we revive the history together with Salon Tango and Stage Tango champions from previous years. Each of them represents a style and a special moment of our dance history. The greatest figures of both categories will dance together on the same stage, for the first time. Stage Tango: Marcela Vespasiano and Iván Romero (2004), Diana Giraldo Rivera and Carlos Paredes (2006), Natalia Tonelli Attori and Fernando Gracia (2007), Betsabet Flores and Jonathan Spitel (2009), Solange Acosta and Max Van De Voorde (2011). Salon Tango: Ximena Gallicchio and Sebastián Achával (2005), Inés Muzzopappa and Dante Sánchez (2007), Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio (2008), Kyoko and Hiroshi Yamao (2009), María Inés Bogado and Sebastián Jiménez (2010), Natasha Agudelo and Diego Benavídez (2011).


Aug 26
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