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Anita Co's biography

Anita Co

A singer and actress of a strong nature, Anita Co released debut-album Pecado, including tangos and boleros, in 2008. Her repertoire features dramatic tangos like “Rencor,” “Soledad” and “En esta tarde gris.” She has performed with pianist Eduardo
Minervino at Ciclo de Bares Notables, Bar La Perla, Apertura Teatrísimo, Villa Victoria Ocampo, Clásica y Moderna and 36 Billares. She comes from a family of great artists; she is the daughter of pianist Juan Carlos Cuacci – who took over the musical direction of Pecado – and of Inés Rinaldi. As an actress, she has performed on television and theater. She has shared the stage with artists such as Guillermo Fernández and Rodolfo Bebán.



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