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Dúo Fain Mantega 's biography

Dúo Fain Mantega

Flute has been one of the pioneering instruments in old tango trios since the music’s inception on the outskirts of the City. With her own works and a modern sound, Paulina Fain revamps that legacy in a duo with pianist Exequiel Mantega. Together, they will perform their new material, a CD and a DVD recorded live at Café Vinilo, which includes the use of pedalboards for the flute. For almost ten years, the duo has been intensively active at national and international level, teaching and performing, with six tours in Europe and over 120 concerts under their belt. The duo has recently arrived from the United States, where they performed their new album at the Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas and at Joe’s Pub in New York.



Aug 25
21:00 h
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