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Special Series and Productionstop

The special series bring into focus different expressions and spaces. The central theme may be a generation (such as the one featured in The Golden 20s), a figure (Astor Piazzolla, his oeuvre, his ensembles), a movement (such as those that stimulate renewal from the independent scene), or an exceptional auditorium (Usina del Arte, boasting unparalleled acoustics). Productions and concerts specially developed by the Festival come together in this section.

topAcoustic at Usina del Arte

The magnificent architecture and extraordinary acoustics of the auditorium of Usina del Arte, opened this year, have automatically made this venue one of the best places to play and listen to music, together with the Teatro Colón. Notable orchestras, ensemble and solo artists – instrumentalists and singers – will debut at this new center that, from the heart of La Boca, contributes to the Festival’s citywide expansion and with new stages for tango performances.

topPiazzola Tribute

Twenty years after the death of bandoneonist and composer Astor Piazzolla, the ongoing relevance and world renown of his work rank him among the most important names of 20th-century music. Also, among the favorites of performers of different generations and backgrounds. From his contemporaries to his grandson, Daniel “Pipi” Piazzolla, dancers, singers and his most frequent songwriting collaborator, poet Horacio Ferrer, participate in the series that celebrates the great Astor.

topTango Circuit

A series of independently run clubs, venues, associations and programs managed by musicians and producers at different spots of the City provide a larger picture of the current tango scene, stimulate creators and performers’ development and offer new auditoriums. Café Vinilo, TangoContempo, El Tango Vuelve al Barrio, Radio CAFF, among others, are part of the vital system of the genre: the Festival invites them to disembark on such diverse stages as the Teatro Colón and the Anfiteatro del Parque Centenario.

topThe Golden 20s

Today’s tango scene is enriched by a new generation of musicians: they are in their 20s and show competence gained from rigorous training along with the particular sensibility of a time, establishing an identity of their own. Pianist and composer Agustín Guerrero, a talent of the under-25 generation, brought together for this series a selection of fellow musicians, who develop and expand the tradition of instrumental tango into different lines, with versions of classics and an original repertoire.

Exclusive Concerts and Panoramatop

A panoramic view including meetings with iconic figures of tango history. Joint performances with exclusive projects and crossovers. The first public appearance of brand new ensembles. Premieres. Album releases. Homages to major figures. Previously unheard repertoires. Tradition brought by its exclusive protagonists and the ever-evolving contemporary tango scene.

Aug 19
17:30 h
Aug 25
17:30 h
Aug 25
21:00 h
Aug 26
21:00 h

Dance Showstop

Remarkable expressions of tradition and the choreographic prominence of stage tango come together in the program of Dance Shows. The legendary figures of the genre coexist with young talents who continue the legacy. The stylistic refinement and the refreshing mix of languages distinguish a series of performances that intertwine the social origin of the dance and the theatrical dimension. Celebrating the tenth edition of the Dance World Cup, the champions of previous years take center stage in these shows.

Dance Lessonstop

The popular tradition, its stage performance, the richness of the choreographic repertoire and the means for improvisation, the dialogue with the music: tango dancing, as an ongoing diverse learning experience, plays a central role in the Festival. From ballroom embrace and etiquette to onstage virtuosity, the most experienced teachers in the tango scene share their salon and stage dancing secrets. One of the most renowned ones, Johana Copes, has designed the program of dance lessons. All classes are free and for all levels. They require advance registration at the Information Desk of the Centro de Exposiciones, 30 minutes before the class, as the number of participants is limited.

topIndependent Practices and Festivals

Throughout the year, Buenos Aires is the center of multiple training and practice events organized by notable dancers and teachers, on their own initiative. Some of the most attended gatherings go on, for the first time, as special classes in the framework of the main Festival of the genre. Duration: 75 minutes

topMeeting the Champions

Coincidental with the tenth Dance World Cup, the winning couples from previous editions reveal their technical and stylistic secrets. The event features great Maestros of milonga and stage dancing, from the legendary Osvaldo and Coca Cartery to 2011 champions Natasha Agudelo and Diego Benavídez. Duration: 90 minutes.

topMeeting the Great Milonga Dancers

The Festival is the occasion for getting to know the authentic leaders of tango salon closely: popular dancers with celebrity status on local dance floors, equally praised in the European circuit, who accompany the steps of new generations of milonga dancers with generosity and precision. Duration: 60 minutes

Meetings and Conferencestop

Outreach activities, featuring specialists from different fields and linked to the history and present of the genre, have their place in the Festival and World Cup. The program includes journalistic and technical book presentations, sessions on historical figures and topics, dialogues with collectors, and homages. From theoretical analysis to anecdote curiosities, there will be opportunities for participation, exchange, reflection and debate.

top(Hi)Stories of Our Popular Music
5 meetings coordinated by Norberto Chab

Journalist and tango chronicler Norberto Chab (author of the books 100 anécdotas desconocidas sobre Carlos Gardel and 100 historias de tangos que no te podés perder) is among those who believe that there will never be a final word in tango. For this reason, he will conduct five sessions with the aim of providing new elements to exciting moments and events of the history of our popular music. The sessions will feature the participation of researchers, communicators, artists and specialists in each topic.

Permanent Exhibitionstop

This year’s permanent exhibitions include the interactive installation Edificio, which artist Leandro Erlich presented at the opening of Usina del Arte, and Astor Piazzolla, íntimo y universal at the Centro de Exposiciones, as part of the activities honoring the great bandoneonist and composer.

Product Fairtop

After the successful experience of 2011, the traditional Product Fair of the major tango event returns to the Centro de Exposiciones. With its colorful variety of products, this fair brings to local and foreign visitors the production of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. The several stands of records, books, footwear, handicrafts and clothing, among others, are evidence of a vibrant industry linked to the culture of Buenos Aires. The large crowds drawn by the Tango Buenos Aires Festival and World Cup guarantees producers contact with a mass of visitors.
They will be opened to visitors during the venue's opening hours

Aug 15 - Aug 26

Feria de Productos

quarter Centro de Exposiciones

Free - No tickets required

They will be opened to visitors during the venue's opening hours.

Live Radio Broadcast - The 2x4top

With a renewed tango vibe, the radio station whose heart beats to the 2/4 rhythm returns to this new edition of Tango Buenos Aires Festival and World Cup. Created in the ‘90s under the name of FM Tango, it has grown like many others under the denomination of segment-based radio stations, with a very specific tango-loving audience. Throughout these years, it has achieved major awards, successful audience ratings and quality by-products. Known as La 2x4, it is today the only radio station exclusively dedicated to tango at a worldwide level. During the Festival, it will broadcast live from the Centro de Exposiciones.

Dance World Cuptop

Buenos Aires, the World Capital of Tango, celebrates the tenth edition of its dance championship. The annual competition, overseen by a jury with a proven international track record, is the major goal of hundreds of salon and stage tango dancers, coming from very different latitudes to contend with local talents. There is no comparable challenge, there is no more desired title, whose prestige consolidates year after year. Since 2008, the legendary Luna Park stadium – stage of historic cultural and sport achievements – has been hosting the most exciting nights of the contest: the Final Rounds of the Salon Tango and Stage Tango categories.

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