Ce vieux rêve qui bouge

Film Information:


That Old Dream That Moves




Alain Guiraudie




35 mm


50 min


  • INTÉRPRETES: Pierre Louis-Calixte, Jean-Marie Combelles, Jean Ségani,
  • Yves Dinse, Serge Ribes


  • GUIÓN: Alain Guiraudie
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Emmanuel Soyer
  • MONTAJE: Carol Ici-bas,
  • Golonda Ramos
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Nathalie Eybrard,
  • Jean-Philippe Labadie, Lilie Lê-Liêu


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Jacques (a worker who gets hired by a semi-ruined factory that’s about to be shut down), declares his unrequited love to his foreman. At the same time, another robust and married worker is unsuccessfully trying to seduce Jacques. The closing of the factory matches the failure of the bizarre love triangle: the end of work equals the end of desire. This is the way the film explores the disintegration of the labor and sexual universes: with a medullar sadness that turns into the representation of a slow micro Apocalypse, sustained by a dry spirit and a bit of humor. It’s a humor that emerges from the film’s poker-faced images, from a visual space molded almost exclusively with fixed and distant wide shots, constantly pointing out the off-frame in order to fuel the lack of communication that exists between the characters. It’s certainly not without meaning that the film would include (quite accurately) characters and situations that are not usually part of the mainstream gay imaginary, suggesting also that some erotic resonance can be found in the bodies of grey-haired, fat, robust, hairy workers, who are rarely the figures of desirable or sexed physiques.

It is screened alongside the short film Tout droit jusqu’au matin, about the monologue of a young man who wanders at night.

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