Du soleil pour les gueux

Film Information:


Sunshine for the Poor




Alain Guiraudie




35 mm


55 min


  • INTÉRPRETES: Isabelle Girardet, Alain Guiraudie, Jean-Paul Jourdàa, Michel Turquin


  • GUIÓN: Alain Guiraudie
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Antoine Héberlé
  • MONTAJE: Anne-Marie Groscolas, Pierre Molin
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Alain Guiraudie, Lilie Lê-Liêu


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Shot in the same privileged location as every Giraudie film (the rural environment in South East France) Sunshine for the Poor poses a new perspective for that bucolic landscape, turning it into the complex map of an elusive reality the filmmaker will keep developing later in his work. Here, a city girl travels to a mountain area to find the “ounaye” shepherds, a concept working as a fictional key that opens the door to a parallel dimension. There’s something of an apocryphal myth from a pre-capitalist time here, although the truth is that everything unfolds by trying to reveal the relationships between characters that are adrift on the road. One of them, played by Giraudie himself, is Carol Ibza, who can be described in the words of Pedro Maciel Guimarães, as a mixture of “between a charismatic outlaw from the West and a boundless marathon runner”. Just like in his other films, Giraudie builds a race –in a very literal sense of the word– to run away from certain bad habits of cinema and of today´s world; and seek others, perhaps more utopian ones.

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