Voici venu le temps

Film Information:


Time Has Come




Alain Guiraudie




35 mm


92 min


  • INTÉRPRETES: Eric Bougnon, Guillaume Viry, Pierre Louis-Calixte, Jacques Buron, Jean Dalric


  • GUIÓN: Alain Guiraudie,
  • Catherine Ermakoff
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Antoine Héberlé
  • MONTAJE: Stéphanie Mahet
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Philippe Martin, Géraldine Michelot


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Warriors and female prisoners; landlords and peasants: they’re all passengers of Obitania, the rural landscape where another of Alan Guiraudie’s strange lucid dreams takes place. With anachronistic realism (and showing the other side of his first feature’s particular dreamy style) Guiraudie maintains his auteur fetishes with an eye that is as compact as it is non-transferable. Somewhere between a Monty Python-like medieval nonsense and a series of homoerotic encounters of loose virility, the warrior Fogo Lompa is trying to choose between the tasks he’s assigned to do and his chimerical carnal desires. In Obitania, the logic of the economy is as freakish as that of sex, and everything dissolves into a plot of intrigues that is so over-explained that it becomes absurd. “I’ve dreamt of an impossible machine, which now has become possible since I’ve dreamt it”, says Rimamba, one of the lead’s love interests. That’s Guiraudie´s world: a machine that is capable of capturing the most freewheeling and improper dreams of today’s cinema.

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