The Freedom of the Trees

Film Information:


The Freedom of the Trees




Bernhard Sallmann




35 mm


24 min


  • Jaron Löwenberg, Bernhard Sallmann


  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Ines Thomsen
  • MONTAJE: Bernhard Sallmann
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Dirk Engelhardt


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Die Freiheit der Bäume In 1815, German nobleman and outstanding landscape artist Hermann Ludwig Heinrich von Pückler-Muskau (1785-1871) started to design the biggest garden in continental Europe, located in the current Germany-Poland border. Studying English parks he noticed the differences they had with the absolutist character of French landscaping tradition. If France had roads that were set according to the perspective of the King’s castle and then the trees were geometrically lined-up, the English garden instead represented the growth and importance of the middle classes, with roads that were never straight and a general design that aimed at giving the impression of an uncontrolled nature, offering its variety and irregular character to the stroller. Muskau Park was left unfinished in 1845. It was severely damaged during the last Soviet attack on Berlin, one century later. And it was only after the German unification that the restoration works begun, following the original design. By observing the park´s current state, and reading fragments from Pückler’s writings, Sallmann makes a sensitive record of the tensions that exist between nature’s evolution and the erratic course of History.

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