Tudo é Brasil

Film Information:


Everything Is Brazil




Rogério Sganzerla


Color + B&W


35 mm


82 min


  • Orson Welles, Dalva de Oliveira, Carmen Miranda, Linda Baptista, Herivelto Martins


  • GUIÓN: Rogério Sganzerla
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Rogério Sganzerla
  • MONTAJE: Sylvio Renoldi,
  • Mair Tavares, Hugo Mader
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Rogério Sganzerla


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Sganzerla had to hide his deeply rooted love for Brazilian culture in a film mainly regarded as a table-top documentary on Orson Welles’ visit to Brazil in the 1940s. The film is not about that at all. It’s main concern is with stranger eyes discovering a whole new beautiful world lying below superficial landscape propaganda. In Welles’ eyes, what’s great in Brazil is its people: their dramas, they way poor people make instruments and play them, the smartness of their language, the courage of their fishermen. It is not a guided voyage, but a wild journey through Brazilian popular culture. Welles talking to Carmen Miranda about samba or João Gilberto singing “Adeus América” from a plane that looks down and contemplates the beach are among the most striking moments in 1990s filmmaking. Tudo é Brasil is the most emotional and beautiful brazilian film of its time.

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