Lo que más quiero

Film Information:


What I Love the Most




Delfina Castagnino






76 min


  • Pilar Gamboa, María Villar, Esteban Lamothe, Leonardo Castañeda


  • GUIÓN: Delfina Castagnino
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Soledad Rodríguez
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Ivan Eibuszyc, Felicitas Soldi


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  • Delfina Castagnino
  • Guido 1612, 16 “C”
  • C1016AAD Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • T +54 11 4812 2494
  • +54 9 11 6201 8698
  • E delficast@hotmail.com


Lo que más quiero is the story of two mourning periods: one is about love, with a quick impact and a simple resolution; the other one is the hardest one, involving slower and more painful processes. Lo que más quiero is also the story of a friendship between two girls, which was sustained at long distance and put to a test when they live under the same roof. Lo que más quiero is a film about those pains, but one that addresses its subject obliguely –as the wisest films do. Because throughout most of its length, Lo que más quiero is a brilliantly acted comedy, made with sober sequence shots (the perfectly timed conversation between María Villar and Esteban Lamothe’s characters in a car is particularly memorable). Lo que más quiero is, also, a dazzling debut, remarkably assured enough to touch the most varied range of emotions: another sequence shot featuring Pilar Gamboa as she sits and takes on a role she’s not ready for, is a wonder of sensibility. And Lo que más quiero is, finally, a virtuous film that features very beautiful images (the Argentine South probably never looked this well on the film screen). Lo que más quiero is a beautiful film, as simple as that.

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