Un lugar llamado Los Pereyra

Film Information:


A Place Called Los Pereyra




Andrés Livov-Macklin






81 min


  • GUIÓN: Andrés Livov-Macklin
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Clodo Luque
  • MONTAJE: Ryan J. Noth
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Hugh Gibson,
  • Andrés Livov-Macklin


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In Chaco, in the northern Argentine Republic, there is a small town called Los Pereyra, deep inside the scrub known as The Impenetrable. People there live a quiet life, filled with the limitations imposed by the area’s climate and location. Kids make a great effort to attend school, moving through dirt roads to get to precarious classrooms where a cup of milk and a piece of bread awaits. They make their homework under the trees, next to their families, on a daily routine. But every once in a while, things change. Every year, around the same time, a group of teenage girls from a school in the northern side of Buenos Aires arrives. They bring food, school material and –what’s more important– the idea of a change. Things are different during those days in which cohabitation, play, and the new relationships show the differences between them, but also the similarities that join them. During those days “The Godmothers” (the name of the association that gathers them) share with the kids, there is mutual learning, fun, and happiness. A Place Called Los Pereyra offers a valuable record of one of the issues that the genre finds the more fascinating: the meeting of two different worlds and the consequences it brings.

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