La mujer sin piano

Film Information:


Woman without Piano




Javier Rebollo




35 mm


97 min


  • INTÉRPRETES: Carmen Machi, Jan Budar, Pep Ricart


  • GUIÓN: Javier Rebollo, Lola Mayo
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Santiago Racaj
  • MONTAJE: Ángel Hernández Zoido
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Damián París


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A waxer’s long night; or misanthropy as one of the Fine Arts. In his second film, Rebollo (Lo que sé de Lola) films the escape of a woman who’s little over fifty and has a routine life, with an independent son who is just an untimely voice on the phone and a taxi driver husband who looks like Mr. Bean. The film has a strange sense of humor; for example, it uses an epileptic attack to solve a gag, and transforms the desire of having a cigarette into an impossible enterprise. A quarter of the film takes place in an airport; another quarter happens on the street; the third one, in bars or public places where you can grab a quick bite. Like in Jarmusch’s films, the post-modern nothingness haunts some emptied, inexpressive, laconic and mute subjects. There´s a lot of cell phones but few conversations, officials and employees acting like robots, and people who could travel anywhere they want but stay always on the same place. Everything is aseptic, neat and mechanic.

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