Go Get Some Rosemary (Daddy Longlegs)

Film Information:


Go Get Some Rosemary (Daddy Longlegs)




Joshua SafdieBenny Safdie




35 mm


100 min


  • INTÉRPRETES: Ronnie Bronstein, Sage Ranaldo, Frey Ranaldo,
  • Victor Puccio, Eleonore Hendricks


  • GUIÓN: Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Brett Jutkiewicz, Josh Safdie
  • MONTAJE: Josh Safdie,
  • Benny Safdie, Brett Jutkiewicz, Ronald Bronstein
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Casey Neistat, Tom Scott


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The Cassavetian legacy must be one of the most difficult things to spread among the new generations of American filmmakers. Source of a long-running dispute since the death of the director of Faces in 1989, it has been passed on from one hand to another without anyone actually getting to own it in a legitimate way. With their second film (after their debut The Pleasure of Being Robbed, screened at Bafici’s eleventh edition) the Safdie brothers score themselves some points in that competition. Lenny (played by Ronald Bronstein, another director/actor, like the filmmakers themselves) is a divorced man, father of two eight year old boys, with a life as messy as lives can get. For two weeks, he alone must take care of his sons while keeping his job as a projectionist in a movie theater, and try not to mess everything up. But his mistakes and incompetence, always on the verge of cruelty and lack of affection, play against him as he tries to achieve something as abstract as adulthood and paternal responsibility.

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