Metrópolis refundada

Film Information:


Metropolis Refound




Evangelina Loguercio, Diego Panich, Laura Tusi, Sebastián Yablón


Color + B&W




47 min


  • Paula Félix-Didier, Fernando M. Peña, Enno Patalas, Rainer Rother, Luciano Berriatúa


  • DIRECCIÓN: Evangelina Loguercio, Diego Panich, Laura Tusi,
  • Sebastián Yablón
  • GUIÓN: Laura Tusi, Sebastián Yablón
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Diego Panich
  • MONTAJE: Diego Panich
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Evangelina Loguercio, Laura Tusi


  • Refound Films
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  • +54 9 11 6156 5535
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A few years ago, when the restored print of Metropolis was presented, the cinephile world thought that version was the closest we could get to the film Fritz Lang had conceived in 1927. But in 2009, the story behind one the most important films in the history of cinema (and of film restoration) opened a new chapter. In the film archive of the Pablo Ducrós Hicken Film Museum a print was found including new scenes and alternate takes, adding up some 30 minutes of new footage. The discovery allows to not only enjoy some parts of the film with virgin eyes, but also to review this German classic in all of its majesty and its different plots in a more complex way. Metropolis Refound reveals the vicissitudes of that print that was screened in Argentina a bit over 80 years ago, how it managed to travel to these days, the lives that crossed its path, the people who helped preserve it, and, as it happens with all the classics, the passions it awoke among those who came in contact with its history.

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