Ich Bin Enric Marco

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Ich Bin Enric Marco




Santiago FillolLucas Vermal






86 min


  • Enric Marco


  • GUIÓN: Santiago Fillol, Lucas Vermal
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Marc Gómez del Moral
  • MONTAJE: Cristóbal Fernández, Sergi Diez
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Oriol Maymó, Víctor Font


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Enric Marco, who was the head of the biggest association of Spanish deported people, sets off in a demystifying journey to his past: a car trip to Germany. Two years before, a historian proved that Enric Marco was not as the fighter he said he was, and that his experiences at the concentration camp, narrated for years on television, were all made up. Now, Marco goes through the same path he made by train back in 1941, on board of a convoy of workers sent by Franco to Hitler in the middle of WWII. That journey, that should lead him to the prison in Kiel (where he spent a year for communist propaganda activism, before going back to Spain), intersects in various points with the imaginary trip he told so many times: his trip from the French resistance to the concentration camps in cattle wagons –the same destiny thousands of republican Spanish suffered after the Civil War. Almost fatally, the trip ends in the Flossenbürg concentration camp: that place where he never laid a foot during the war; that place where he forged himself as the survivor he now can’t let go off.

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