Charlie Haden - Rambling Boy

Film Information:


Charlie Haden - Rambling Boy




Reto Caduff


Color + B&W




84 min


  • Charlie Haden,
  • Keith Jarrett, Pat Metheny,
  • Carla Bley


  • GUIÓN: Reto Caduff
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Daniel Pfisterer,
  • Luke Geissbuhler
  • MONTAJE: Barbara Landi
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Laurin Merz,
  • Reto Caduff


  • PiXiU Films
  • Laurin Merz
  • Erismann Hof 2
  • 8004 Zurich, Switzerland
  • T +41 44 500 2468
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Despite the fact that he has been the drum major of avant-garde jazz since the 1960’s, the path to understand Charlie Haden’s style starts off in the folk and country music he used to listen to in Iowa, his home state. It’s the very same music that in 1997 would team him up with Pat Metheny (who was born in the neighbor state of Missouri) for a memorable duet album after having walked a long road through the farthest corners of modern jazz: from Ornette Coleman to Keith Jarrett, from Egberto Gismonti to his work with Carla Bley and the Liberation Music Orchestra. This film documents the passion this 70 year-old man puts on every project, from his family history to the free jazz stories and his parallel left-wing political activism, in which he often appeared as more intransigent than the black legends he played with. Archive footage is combined with the testimonies of musicians, including the elusive Jarrett, with whom he improvises for a few minutes to the spectator’s delight.

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