Do It Again

Film Information:


Do It Again




Robert Patton-Spruill






85 min


  • Geoff Edgers,
  • Joan Anderman, Mick Avory,
  • Peter Buck, Sting


  • GUIÓN: Geoff Edgers
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Robert Patton-Spruill, Brad Allen Wilde, Beecher Cotton
  • MONTAJE: Brad Allen Wilde
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Geoff Edgers


  • Loneliest Monk Productions
  • Geoff Edgers
  • 15 Park Ave. Ext.
  • 02474 Arligton, MA, USA
  • T +1 617 929 3085
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Everyone has their own remedy against midlife crisis. Boston Globe music critic Geoff Elders found his: reuniting The Kinks, the influential, legendary, and (according to him) underrated British rock band that is responsible for classic 1960s albums like Something Else. But the solution itself is a problem, because brothers Ray and Dave Davies –frontman and lead guitarist, respectively– have been waging a bloody ego war for decades. They practically don’t speak to each other, so forget about a “face to face” meeting. Edgers is not discouraged by the unanswered phone calls or the sharp negatives, not even by his documentary’s initial zero budget: the main thing there is not to succeed, but to baste failed attempts without ever losing enthusiasm. And Edger has more than enough passion to raise funds, by playing Kinks songs on the streets (his first co-producer is a beggar with obvious psychological problems), interviewing other fans such as Peter Weller or Zooey Deschanel, and realizing that even if by the end (which here is a very happy one, with “Yoda”, Weird Al Yancovic’s cover of “Lola”, being sung in a school) he’s right back where he started, doing it all over again would be worth it.

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