Varèse: The One All Alone

Film Information:


Varèse: The One All Alone




Frank Scheffer


Color + B&W




89 min


  • Chou Wen Chung, Riccardo Chailly, Elliott Carter,
  • Pierre Boulez


  • GUIÓN: Pay-Uun Hiu,
  • Chou Wen Chung, Frank Scheffer
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Melle van Essen,
  • Rene van der Eijk,
  • Reinier van Brummelen,
  • Frank Scheffer
  • MONTAJE: Daan Wierda


  • Allegri Film
  • Frank Scheffer
  • P/A Bloemstraat 42 III
  • 1016 LC Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • T +31 641 390 657
  • E


It was actually Frank Zappa who introduced me to the music of Edgard Varèse. I was thirteen years old when I heard Zappa’s album We’re Only In It for the Money for the first time. It was like an explosion that opened my head to a complete new world of sounds. On the album was one quote printed that intrigued me especially: “The Present-Day Composer Refuses to Die” by Edgard Varèse. I went to my local record store and found an album with Varèse’s music. When I put it on the record player I couldn’t make head or tail of what I heard but it sounded so very special and mysterious that it aroused a profound fascination that stayed with me until now. When you hear his music it sounds fresh as if it was composed today! In his lifetime he was often misunderstood but he never gave up his conviction that a new time needs a new way of thinking about music. His concepts are so visionary that we are still not able to understand them completely. For him composing was a process of organizing “bodies of intelligent sounds that are moving in space”. The marvel of his great genius is in essence what I want to reveal in my film.


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