El sol

Film Information:


The Sun




Ayar Blasco


Color + B&W




72 min


  • Jorge Sesán,
  • Sofía Gala Castiglione,
  • Dr. Tangalanga, Divina Gloria, Luciana Condito


  • GUIÓN: Ayar Blasco, Martín Castro
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Jimena Monteoliva


  • Crudo Films
  • Jimena Monteoliva
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  • C1431APP Buenos Aires, Argentina
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  • F +54 9 11 4414 8783
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Merry Melodies of the past and the future, with a savage and chaotic language and nicknames like “la Checo” and “Once” (or are they names by now?); also, bad manners, marginality, violence, hardcore aggressiveness. Add to that an almost completely destroyed world, a more harmful sun, huge unfertile areas, just a few survivors, some cannibals called “los bonitos”, radioactive potatoes, and even a mime. There’s also light-speed corruption and instantaneous abuse of power. With all this, and many more delights, Ayar Blasco makes every joke he can squeeze in 72 minutes (including one particularly brilliant about the film’s flat animation), while committing every possible outrage against fine taste and the Appolonian ideas of cinema (that’s how he manages to add the sublime potato short film); and he blows our minds away with its politically and artistic incorrect spirit and a festive, anarchic sense of storytelling. Something else: if Pauline Kael celebrated M*A*S*H because of its “great contribution to the art of swearing”, we can make the same celebration of The Sun and, specially, of Doctor Tangalanga’s performance.

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