You’ve Gone Into My Blood

Film Information:


You’ve Gone Into My Blood




Teuvo Tulio




35 mm


102 min


  • Kirsti Hurme, Lauri Korpela, Nestori Lampi,
  • Matti Lehtelä


  • GUIÓN: Teuvo Tulio,
  • Regina Linnanheimo
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Veikko Laakso
  • MONTAJE: Teuvo Tulio
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Teuvo Tulio


  • National Audiovisual Archive KAVA
  • Satu Laaksonen
  • Film Programmer & Cultural Exchange
  • PL 16
  • 00501 Helsinki, Finland
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Just like many people found Douglas Sirk through Fassbinder, Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismaki is regarded as the re-discoverer of Teuvo Tulio. An admirer of Von Sternberg and Cukor, Tulio was one of the great figures of Finnish melodrama between the 30s and the 50s, and his films are abundant in suffering and crying girls. Co-written with his girlfriend Regina Linnanheimo –who also stars in the film– You’ve Gone Into My Blood is one of his late films, and its commercial failure drastically interrupted his career. Just like the cinema he was trying to imitate, Tulio’s films aim at creating depth with abundant sophistication and drama. Labyrinthine plots, sententious lines, and musical accents are his part and parcel. The beautiful Linnanheimo plays a woman who progressively sinks into alcoholism and abandonment; her performance reminds us of the divas of the world (in his early days, Tulio was called ‘Finland’s Valentino’). That film would become her Swan Song: the actress would never make another film again. Today, a revision of Tulian cinema is under way, contemplating its mannerisms under new light. This film was programmed to be a part of the article on Teuvo Tulio that’s included in Edgardo Cozarinsky’s book Cinematographers published by Bafici, which will be presented in this edition of the festival.

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