The Anchorage

Film Information:


The Anchorage




C.W. WinterAnders Edström




35 mm


87 min


  • Ulla Edström,
  • Marcus Harrling, Elin Hamrén,
  • Bengt Ohlsson


  • GUIÓN: C. W. Winter
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Anders Edström
  • MONTAJE: C. W. Winter, Anders Edström
  • PRODUCCIÓN: C. W. Winter,
  • Anders Edström


  • General Asst.
  • C. W. Winter
  • 1403 1/2 Carroll Avenue
  • 90026 Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • T +1 323 646 9307
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The title’s anchorage is located in an island in the Baltic Sea, where Ulla goes through the stages of her daily routine with slight variations, which can be summed up in those minimal sentences she writes every morning in her –perhaps imaginary– journal. What does seem to escape any imagination –turned physically real by the film’s visual soundness– is the time in Ulla’s existence; her relaxed and yet precise sequence of actions, as pedestrian or mysterious they might be, have a specific gravity that’s neither stylized nor smoothen by the camera´s distance and ends up transforming each moment into pure cinematographic substance. And it’s not about C.W. Winter and Anders Edström’s first film setting the right distance. Because, like any other modern art piece, it suggests that the point of view is just one possible anchorage, which can keep changing into another until the right choice is created: a specific tale that, as it happens here and in all the best examples, can also make suggestions or have the chance to make itself disappear.

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