McDull, Kung Fu Kindergarten

Film Information:


McDull, Kung Fu Kindergarten




Brian Tse




35 mm


77 min


  • Kwok Kwan-yin, Sandra Ng, Anthony Wong,
  • The Pancakes, Jim Chin


  • GUIÓN: Brian Tse, Alice Mak
  • MONTAJE: Alfred Li
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Brian Tse,
  • Masahiro Nakayama


  • Golden Network Asia
  • Unit 1508, Nanyang Plaza,
  • 57 Hung To Rd., Kwun Tong
  • Hong Kong, China
  • T +852 2751 1886
  • +852 2750 4862
  • E
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Last year, Baficito held a retrospective of the films starring McDull, the Hong Kong piggy who lives with his mother and whose tenderness makes everyone forgive his very scarce talent for doing almost anything. This new installment was directed by its creator, Brian Tse, and you don’t need to have seen the previous ones to see it. Hounded by debts, McDull’s mom decides to settle in the now booming continental China to fulfill the dream of having her own barbecue restaurant. Aware of the fact she won’t be able to take care of her son when she’s working, she enrolls him in an esoteric martial arts school, high up in a mountain. The passage from Hong Kong to Shenzen is accompanied by an incursion in tridimensional animation, which coexists with the usual 2D in a surprising harmony. It’s one of the many unforgettable moments in this film, just like mother Mak singing a “song of menopause”, the preparation for the martial arts competition against the Pruce Lee (sic) school, or the legend of thinker McFat, the piggy’s ancestor and inventor of the first telephone… but forgot to invent the second one! Like father, like son.

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