31 de abril

Film Information:


April 31st




Víctor Cubillos P.






91 min


  • Manuel Cubillos
  • Vera Puelma
  • Leonardo Cubillos
  • Tomás Cubillos
  • Cristián Cubillos


  • GUIÓN: Víctor Cubillos P.
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Enrique Stindt, Cristián Rojas
  • MONTAJE: Víctor Cubillos P.,
  • Jaime Gándara
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Víctor Cubillos P.


  • Kiné-Imágenes Producciones
  • Víctor Cubillos P.
  • General Flores 150, Of. 11, Providencia
  • 7500514 Santiago, Chile
  • T +56 2 264 2824
  • E info@kine-imagenes.cl
  • W www.kine-imagenes.cl
  • www.31deabril.tk


A young filmmaker –who’s too young and…a filmmaker, really?– wants to make a film about his brother. Actually, it’s about how the tragic death of his brother affected his family and friends. That’s the plot line of the film, a surprising one for those who are attentive spectators. You could almost say that April 31st is much more enjoyable the second time you see it. More over: when you see it again, the film completely changes its genre. Hmm, what else should one say to convince you to go see this film? We already said it’s surprising; and also that you should pay attention. It’s hard to write a catalog review about a film you should see –paying attention to it– and then see it again –now with a different predisposition– so you’ll to notice the great level of intelligence and humor that at times resembles the one of Christopher Guest. It’s hard to write without revealing what one should not reveal. So we stop now with these timid words about this film, which opens the debate on some of the consequences of contemporary cinema.

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