The Ape

Film Information:


The Ape




Jesper Ganslandt


Color + B&W


35 mm


81 min


  • Olle Sarri
  • Eva Rexed
  • Francois Joyce
  • Sean Pietrulewicz
  • Niclas Gillis


  • GUIÓN: Jesper Ganslandt
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Fredrik Wenzel
  • MONTAJE: Jesper Ganslandt
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Jesper Kurlandsky


  • Swedish Film Institute
  • Gunnar Almér
  • Associate Director - Int’l Dept.
  • Box 271 26 / Borgvaegen 1-5
  • 102 52 Stockholm, Sweden
  • T +46 8 665 1208
  • +46 70 640 4656
  • F +46 8 666 3698
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At first it seems we are about to learn everything regarding Krister, because we’re attached to him from the very first minute and for a long, enigmatic, and tense day. And that paradox that joins closeness and mistery is at the core of The Ape, given the fact that as Jesper Ganslandt closes down on his character, the more questions surface regarding filmmaking and the very meaning of the film. Its restless dramatic progression strangles the idea that poses explanation as a possible fuel for a film character, and chooses instead to prepare us for the inevitable and yet unpredictable. It’s as if the director had made the reverse side of his film Falkenberg Farewell (Bafici 2007): that emotional and quiet story of young people who didn’t know how to face their coming of age. Here, Krister doesn’t ask himself how to become part of that world; he rather reacts against what that membership implies. The Ape is one of those films that seem very simple and apparently you only mind when you’re watching it, but afterwords grow on you as rapidly as when it sunk in.

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