Ella es el matador

Film Information:


She Is the Matador




Gemma Cubero Celeste Carrasco






62 min


  • Eva Florencia, Domenico Bianchini, Mirella Curcio, Maripaz Vega, Francisco Vega


  • GUIÓN: Gemma Cubero,
  • Celeste Carrasco
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Celeste Carrasco
  • MONTAJE: Carla Gutiérrez,
  • Vivien Hillgrove, Jennifer Chinlund, Celeste Carrasco
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Gemma Cubero, Celeste Carrasco


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Before 1908 –the year a law banned them from playing the role of matador– women’s presence as bullfighters wasn’t a strange thing in Spanish culture. That misogynist exclusion from the bullfighting world’s leading role still stands today as firmly as it used to, even when the law that imposed it has been abolished. Looking to reveal past and present levels of discrimination, directors Gemma Cubero and Celeste Carrasco revise the feminine history of bullfighting in order to trace down the epic behind the idea of a woman who chooses to become a matador. They also seal an agreement with Mari Paz Vega and Eva Florencia to record eight years in their careers around the bullrings, while they try to become truly accepted on a professional level in stadiums all over Spain (paradoxically, in Mexican bullfights they are considered just as heroic as the men). This film results in two stories about a will in conflict with its surroundings and the absurd mandates of gender, shedding light on the different means of struggle –including triumphs and defeats– within the passions surrounding bullfighting.

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