12th BAFICI News

This Saturday, free and outdoors cinema

Este sábado, cine gratuito y al aire libre 16 Fri 2010

During this last BAFICI 2010 weekend, attractive free and outdoors programming is offered in two nice urban spots of Buenos Aires. “Outdoors cinema” at Carlos Gardel St. presents this Saturday at 3PM a selection of shorts by young Argentine filmmakers, at 5PM “Tape” by Richard Linklater and at 7PM the original Chilean documentary “Femme Rock Doc” by Denis Elphick. At the San Martín de Tours Square (Schiaffino y Posadas) “Outdoors Little Bafici” presents at 7.30PM the remarkable movie “Spirited Away” (photo) by the Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki.

Master Zappa

Todo Zappa 15 Thu 2010

This Thursday at 5.15PM at Malba Cine (inside the Buenos Aires Museum of Latin American Art) the documentary “Frank Zappa: A Pioneer of the Future of Music - Parts 1 & 2” by Frank Scheffer will be screened for the second to last time. Tickets are still available for sale at the museum. This is very important data since next Saturday´s screening at 10.45PM (last screening) at Arteplex Caballito is already sold out.

The retrospective that Rogério Sganzerla deserved

La retro que merecía Rogério Sganzerla 15 Thu 2010

The director Sergio Wolf said it during the official opening of this twelfth edition: the Brazilian critic and filmmaker Rogério Sganzerla (from Sao Pablo for more information) has deserved a retrospective on his work for a long time. First a theorist and then a creator, always on the cutting edge to understand and make movies in Latin America, Sganzerla started writing about cinema in the literary supplement of the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo and then fully jumped into directing. He directed very important movies such as “Copacabana mon amour” and “A mulher de todos”, which can be seen this Thursday at 7.30PM and 9.45M respectively at the Leopoldo Lugones hall in the San Martín Theater.

The great Danish teacher

El gran maestro danés, protagonista de Baficito 15 Thu 2010

This Thursday Little Bafici presents a double luxury program, with a type of cinema for the young and not so young, full of imagination, sensitivity and quality. At 13.45PM in Atlas Santa Fe "Circleen: City Mice" (picture) by Jannik Hastrup will be screened. Hastrup has its own focus in Little Bafici with several of its major works, including of course "The Boy who wanted to be a Bear", the most popular in the world. His style and visual and narrative subtlety, with a prolific production that exceeds the 60 pieces, make him one of the great European references of animation cinema.

Dialogue with Tizza Covi

Diálogo con Tizza Covi 15 Thu 2010

This Thursday at 7PM in Espacio BAFICI, the Italian director Tizza Covi will have a dialogue with the Festival’s director Sergio Wolf and with the public. Covi integrates the Jury of the Argentine Official Selection and is the protagonist, with three films co-directed with the Austrian Rainer Frimmel (photo together), of a section within the section "focuses and retrospectives" of this BAFICI edition.

Today, all films are in the city

Hoy todo el cine en la ciudad 14 Wed 2010

This Wednesday, BAFICI 2010 starts and finishes with loud music, experimental and noisy, through overwhelming images. From the first screening at 10.45AM at Hoyts 2 with “Hardcore chambermusic” and “Kick that habits” by Peter Liechti until the last screening at 0.15AM at Malba Theater with “The haunted world of El Superbeasto” by the musician and director Rob Zombie. There are 142 movies in the programming of the festival’s 6th day. Tickets cost 10 pesos and are for sale in the ticket booths at the French Alliance (Av. Córdoba 946),the Hoyts Abasto cinemas (Av. Corrientes 3247), Atlas Santa Fe (Av. Santa Fe 2015), Arteplex Belgrano (Av. Cabildo 2829), Arteplex Caballito (Av. Rivadavia 5050), 25 de Mayo (Av. Triunvirato 4444), Leopoldo Lugones Auditorium of the San Martin Theater (10th floor Av. Corrientes 1530) and Malba Cinema (Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415). Tickets can also be bought through the website www.festivales.gob.ar.

Ariel Minimal puts music to leisure

Ariel Minimal le pone música al ocio 14 Wed 2010

The Argentine musician Ariel Minimal, former constituent of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and leader of Pez, one of the local cult rock bands, will be the protagonist of tonight’s “Little night music”, the series of concerts that BAFICI offers at the end of each cinema day. Minimal’s connection with film takes on an added weight since the premiere of “Ocio” in the Festival. This movie by Juan Villegas and Alejandro Lingenti is in competition in the Argentine Official Selection and Minimal participates in it with the sound of his guitar for the movie’s incidental music.

Dialogue with Alain Guiraudie

Diálogo con Alain Guiraudie 14 Wed 2010

This Wednesday at 7PM at Espacio Bafici, the renowned French actor and director Alain Guiraudie, (picture) will have a dialogue with the audience. He is also protagonist of one of the “Retro” sections, with six of his films. One of them, “Pas de repos pour les braves”, will be screened at 4PM at the French Alliance. This is a relevant information considering that this film’s next screening, Sunday 18/04 at 8.45PM, is sold out.

The festival daily

El Festival a diario 14 Wed 2010

The newspaper “Sin aliento” (without breath) is published every day and is available at no cost in every festival meeting point. It is the ideal complement to face the BAFICI day with reviews, interviews, articles, columns, recommendations and the complete guide for every day. This newspaper is edited by Juan Manuel Domínguez and written by Nazareno Brega, Javier Diz and Marcos Vieytes with the special participation of the writer Juan José Becerra as the author of the column “Ultima fila” (last row). “Sin aliento” is the graphic thermometer of a bigger and bigger festival.

BAL awards

Premios BAL 13 Tue 2010

Buenos Aires Lab, the program of activities oriented to the production and financing of new projects, created to support the development and production of independent film in Latin America, concluded its seventh edition. The verdict of the jurors Fernando Epstein, Lita Stantic and Martin Schweighofer, determined the winners. In Meetings of co-production, the ART award (5 thousand Euros) was for "The last land" (Paraguay) by Paul Lamar (picture), the first Kodak award (15 cans of 35 mm) and Cinecolor (developing and transfer of 15 cans of 35 mm) was also for the Paraguayan film, and the second Kodak award (10 cans of 35 mm) and Cinecolor (developing and transfer of 10 cans of 35 mm) for "NN" (Peru) by Hector Gálvez Campos.