08 jue 2010

A top class jury

Un jurado de lujo

In this edition of BAFICI , the jury of the Official International Selection is integrated by well-known personalities of cinema, literature and criticism: the actress Angela Bassett-Vance (photo), unforgettable and vivid Tina Turner in the biopic "What's love got to do with it"; the Argentine writer Cesar Aira, one of the most prolific and respected of his generation; the French critic Olivier Père, current artistic director of the Fortnight of filmmakers of the Locarno Festival; and the talented filmmakers Raya Martin (Philipines) and Joäo Pedro Rodrigues (Portugal).

They will be responsible for the decisions that will award in the categories "best film", "best actress", "best actor", “Jury´s special Award" and "best director" of the International Competition. This year the International Competition is integrated by 19 films, including the Argentine "Centro" by Sebastian Martinez, "El Ambulante" by Eduardo de la Serna, Lucas Macheggiano and Adriana Yurcovich; the Brazilian "Os famous and os elves da morte" by Esmir Filho and the Peruvian "Paraiso" by Hector Gálvez as the Latin American representatives.