08 jue 2010

China´s myths and truths, here and now

Mitos y verdades de China, aquí y ahora

The Festival’s director Sergio Wolf mentioned it in all his speeches about the 2010 programming: the section "Radical visions from China", consisting of eight documentaries of contemporary filmmakers from the country that is the new global power, casts a light on the daily life, customs and habits, contrasts and contradictions of this cultural time in the Asian giant. An example is "Bing Ai" (picture) by Fang Yan, an intimate portrait of a simple orange harvester with the spiritual strength to live her life in the midst of rural China and, at the same time, face a decision by the powerful government.

In the other films, other interesting views of the real current China come up. "Disorder" with its collection of pure urban chaos scenes; "Disturbing the peace" and its acid gaze at the complicated judicial system; "Ghost town" as a portrait of a town that is about to disappear; "Survival song" or the small epic of a forestry worker; the crude story of the life of an addict in "Using"; "Wheat Harvest" and the sordid world of paid sex; and "Ximaojia Universe", a true revelation as an anthropological work.