13 mar 2010

Magnetic fields day

El día de los campos magnéticos

This Tuesday 13/04, the prolific and enigmatic American indie rocker Stephin Merritt (photo), leader of the band The Magnetic Fields, will have his day in the BAFICI: at 9.30PM in the Hoyts 2 the documentary "Strange powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields" by Kerthy Fix and Gail O'Hara will be screened. Also, at 11PM in the cycle "Small Nocturnal Music ", the Argentine pop musician Sebastian Rubin along with Nacho and Alvy will interpret Magnetic Fields’ songs, whose last album "Realism" was just edited in Argentina.

The documentary shows the last ten years in Merritt’s life and artistic career. He is an enigmatic and ironic pop-rock composer capable of approaching the monumental creation of a triple disk entitled "69 love songs" with, precisely, 69 different songs that revolve around love, edited in 1999. He was editor of the "Spin" magazine and collaborator of "Time Out New York", and faced charges for racism. All this was done by the same person, who is above all a composer of beautiful bittersweet songs, the ones that will be heard tonight at Espacio BAFICI.