13 mar 2010

Premiere of Animationbox creations

Estreno de las creaciones de “Animationbox”

The workshop "Animationbox" (picture) that took place from Friday 9/04 to Sunday 11/04, with the participation of children between 6 and 10 years of age, will show its outcome this Tuesday at 4.30PM at the Children Museum Auditorium in the Abasto Shopping Center. In other words, the animated films of children that participated in the workshop imagined armed and conceived, will be officially screened.

The Animationbox "method" proved to be a unique experience for participants. From the reading of a story, kids let their imaginations fly and draw the characters, which are then cut on paper. In a kind of television without screen, figures and drawn backgrounds are placed and then photographed. Each image goes immediately to a monitor. Then the kids change the layout of the figures and generate another image; until they finish telling the story their own way.