13 mar 2010

Cinema, against any superstition

Cine, contra cualquier superstición

The festival continues its course during this Tuesday the 13th, day feared in Argentina by the popular belief that link these particular day and number with "bad luck". In BAFICI 2010, however, it is the contrary. It is considered good luck to see the best independent film of the world. This Tuesday, 117 films will be screened (see programming "Day x day" ), tickets cost 10 pesos and are for sale in the ticket booths at the French Alliance (Av. Córdoba 946),the Hoyts Abasto cinemas (Av. Corrientes 3247), Atlas Santa Fe (Av. Santa Fe 2015), Arteplex Belgrano (Av. Cabildo 2829), Arteplex Caballito (Av. Rivadavia 5050), 25 de Mayo (Av. Triunvirato 4444), Leopoldo Lugones Auditorium of the San Martin Theater (10th floor Av. Corrientes 1530) and Malba Cinema (Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415). Tickets can also be bought through the website

BAFICIS’s Tuesday the 13th starts at 10.45AM in the Hoyts 9 with the screening of "Sun spots” by the Chinese filmmaker Yang Heng, from the section "Panorama". And it ends at 11.45PM with the screening of "Comrade culture" by the German Marco Wilms at the Hoyts 7 (Panorama / Flashback) and "Red white blue" by the American Simon Rumley at Malba Cinema (Panorama / Nocturnal).