14 mie 2010

The festival daily

El Festival a diario

The newspaper “Sin aliento” (without breath) is published every day and is available at no cost in every festival meeting point. It is the ideal complement to face the BAFICI day with reviews, interviews, articles, columns, recommendations and the complete guide for every day. This newspaper is edited by Juan Manuel Domínguez and written by Nazareno Brega, Javier Diz and Marcos Vieytes with the special participation of the writer Juan José Becerra as the author of the column “Ultima fila” (last row). “Sin aliento” is the graphic thermometer of a bigger and bigger festival.

Among its particularities, “Sin aliento” publishes reviews on the competition movies every day as well as special recommendations, reviews of an invited critic and the updated counter on the audience´s votes for the best movies in competition. All of this in a casual style and with passion for good films we can see in this festival. Paraphrasing the festival´s director: “Long life to Sin aliento