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Adolescence as the moment in which freedom starts, or at least when you realize you don’t have any: the young people in this films are leaning into a world they haven’t fully understand yet, where they move clumsily but also with determination. When they forget about themselves and go back to being children they can actually be happy, like the main character in L’estate di Giacomo, but they often become aware of the inequalities that surround them (Nosilatiaj. La belleza) and in some cases experience them from a very early age (Kids Stories). Escaping can be an option, whether they do it by land or by sea (Un mundo secreto) or unleashing fantasy, like the girls in Palácios de pena. They can even cross the ocean on a boat’s stomach, like Guinean David’s adventure, which he describes in the Santa Fe documentary El gran río. Everything goes if you’re trying to be yourself, and be different.


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