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It is well known: sex can be a game, a punishment, or even a profession. But, above all, it’s an instinct, which reminds us we’re part of the animal kingdom. The fiction films in this group are in a boiling state, from the transgressor girls in Q to the mark of physical love in Un amour de jeunesse, including also sexual visitations as forms of payment in The Slut. To balance it out, there are also documentaries on prostitution (Buy Me!, Whores’ Glory), and another one about famous French porn actor HPG (Il n’y a pas de rapport sexuel), an exploration or queer sexuality (Community Action Center) and Argentine filmmaker Homero Cirelli’s somewhat experimental portrait of a modern defender of sexual slavery (Sado). Our own Albertina Carri, in turn, goes back to the beginning of the text (the animal element) in Pets, an explosive short film.


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